We live in a time now where “Made in the USA” is becoming a thing of the past. Since the 1990’s, we have witnessed many factories and businesses move to other countries. Years ago this was our standard of America to have products made in our country. There were even some of the largest stores in the land that had the motto of only selling products in their store that was “Made in America.”
We at Stephen Daniel Editions are proud to say that since 1966, our high end furniture has been crafted here in the USA. Our workers produce all of our furniture here in the heart of the states. What greater thing is it than to help the communities and cities of the land to grow the country with employment.
Not only do we produce our furniture here in America, but our workers have the experience and the know how, to make your product with quality. Some of our team have been producing and creating furniture for decades. We are proud of our workers and are grateful  that we can make this happen.
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