About Us

We are a different kind of

upholstered furniture manufacturer,

and that is Good News — because, as a customer,
or consumer, you can enjoy some very unique benefits…

Stephen Daniel Editions manufactures custom upholstered furniture — including sofas, chairs and ottomans, sectionals, and a wide variety of specialty upholstered products. Our products are sold direct to you from the manufacturer (no middle man).

  • We can meet the unique needs for custom upholstered furniture — at either end of the spectrum. We provide a unique product line for a specific market.

The Stephen Daniel Editions difference

Our manufacturing facilities are located in central Tennessee, we have a furniture craftsmanship heritage that extends all of the way back to 1966. To the best of our knowledege, we are one of the few manufacturer in the United States that offers all of the following:


  • Specializes exclusively in Upholstered Furniture2.
  • Has a funiture-crafting heritage that spans over several generations.
  • Will “custom build” 100% of its product line
  • Will build TRULY custom products (including frame modifications) when others would say “NO”
  • Will provide the very highest quality at competitive pricing
  • We try to insure trouble-free delivery of finished product by shipping our product only with specialized furniture carriers.


As a next step, please call us — and tell us how we can help you. We look forward to talking with you and telling you more about our unique products and service.Thank you for your interest in Stephen Daniel Editions — a Division of Fixtur World, Inc.